Why should a Buyer use Bay Supply to source and purchase fastening products?

Bay Supply provides buyers with instant access to the industry supply chain and time saving tools to source and purchase fastening products from a single platform faster and more efficiently.

Visiting dozens of websites and wasting hours of time with suppliers to gather enough information to make a purchase decision is frustrating and outdated.

The digital landscape has changed the way a B2B buyer sources products.  Like B2C consumer based horizontal marketplaces that consolidate product offerings, B2B industry specific vertical marketplaces like Bay Supply have emerged to remove the friction buyers face when sourcing within a niche product category such as fasteners.

Bay Supply is a buyer's single source for direct access to Fastening Product suppliers. Instead of chasing the supply chain, Bay Supply brings the supply chain to buyers.

The entire fastening industry can be resourced on a single platform and everyday processes such as product research, brand comparisons, on-hand inventories, RFQ submissions, Backorders, Purchase Orders, Product Test Reports & Certification requests can all be managed in minuets instead of wasted hours.

Bay Supply is a highly specialized Platform designed from the ground up to serve the Fastening Industry by removing the inefficiency and frictions typically associated with sourcing fastening products and the redundancy of task related workflows.

Buyers benefit by the immense time saving features thoughtfully integrated for platform users.