Who is our Account Administrator?

The first person from your organization becomes the Administrator of your Account by default.

We urge all new registrants to have their Account Administrator register first and add Users to their Company Account!

An Account Administrator has the authority to:

  • Add new Users to operate under the umbrella of the Company Account.
  • To create Roles that restrict access to certain areas of use and Account information.
  • To establish a Credit Line for the Account and assign which Users are authorized to place orders using the Account's desired payment methods.
  • For Distributors & Direct Selling Manufacturers, the Administrator is in charge of setting up the Seller Profile , Adding Bank Account Information to receive Sales Revenues, uploading digital catalogs onto the marketplace, setting price conditions and maintaining inventory on the platform.
  • While all Users of an Account have the freedom to source and purchase goods with access that is  authorized by the Administrator, the Administrator is responsible for the Acceptance of sales orders sold to Buyers in the Marketplace.
  • The Account Administrator is the Orchestrator of the Account and is responsible for the Account use, quality status and Maintenance.
  • The Administrator has the ability to manage all tax exemption certificates for the account from the Dashboard.

When an Administrator adds new Users to their Account, an invite is automatically sent via email to each user to register and the platform identifies these Users as Sub-Users for the Account.

This will prevent duplication of your company account by each of your team members registering your company independently. (Contact Bay Supply to correct this and move your users under your account if this happens).

If you wish to re-assign your Account Administrator and move registered Users to the platform under your Account, Please Contact:

Bay Supply at: 1-800-718-8818  or email:  help@baysupply.com