What types of Sale Transactions can occur on Bay Supply?

Buy-Now, Quote-To-Sale Conversions, Backorders, Product Certifications and Test Reports can all be transacted on the platform.

Bay Supply provides the following methods of conducting Sale Transactions:

  1. Request for Quotes (RFQ) - Buyers can seamlessly convert all or any lines on a Quote to a purchase and not just the whole Quote.
  2. Buy-Now Marketplace - Buyers can purchase on-hand inventories for multiple lines, multiple Sellers and combine all for a single purchase at checkout.
  3. Backorders - Buyers can toggle to see only items with on-hand inventories, but sometimes the quantity available isn't enough or is simply out-of-stock.

    Sellers display expected dates, so Buyers can not only combine on-hand inventories from multiple Sellers, but also add Backorders in a single purchase.

  4. Product Certifications & Test Reports - Buyers can request product certs and test reports before, after or during checkout.  Sellers can accept and create certs and test report titles with applicable charges on-the-fly for item linked purchases. Sellers upload documents following shipments for buyer access and download.

With just a few clicks, these transactions are possible, but Bay Supply also empowers Buyers and Sellers with the Dashboard Tools to monitor and manage transactions and reminder notifications of approaching Backorder Expected Dates effectively and efficiently.