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How can I ask a Seller a question?

Buyer Seller Cross-Communication tools are presented for nearly any and all collaboration required to complete purchase transactions.

  • Contact Seller Button - All Item detail pages provide a "Contact Seller" button to ask any questions via chat about the item you are viewing.
  • Verify Expected Date Button  - All Item detail pages include a "Verify Date" button to request a verification for an item's availability if a backorder should be placed. This is done in a chat format and when the user receives the response, the listing Expected date is automatically updated so the user can confidently place the backorder.
  • Quote Comment Button - All quotes include cross-communication "Comment" buttons to to collaborate and finalize offers that can be converted to a Purchase Order.
  • Order Comment Button - All orders in history include cross-communication "Comment" buttons to communicate regarding any order placed on the platform.
  • Product Test Report or Compliance Document Request Button - If a Seller offers a list of Test Reports available for purchase or free compliance documents on an item detail page, the User can place the order along with the purchased goods as separate line items to be fulfilled.  If a user requires new types of Test reports or compliance documents, he/she can use the "Request Test Report" button and submit a request.  The Seller response will include a fee if applicable and the listed Item can be purchased with the order lines for each document. These documents are fulfilled when uploaded to the order by the Seller, are available for buyer download, and will remain as attached documents at the item line for request for up to 6 months