How are Categories activated so I can see them on the Homepage menu?

To activate a Category, an item within a category must be quoted by a Supplier in response to an RFQ or an item for a category must be uploaded to the platform with specifications by a Supplier.

We anticipate that Distributors and Manufacturers of fastening products will take advantage of Stage 2 registration so they can respond to RFQs for their products.

While many of those Categories are hidden from the Homepage menu, we urge Buyers to create RFQs for any of the 2,000+ Categories that populate to the RFQ creation screen.  It is likely a Supplier that specializes in the category requested exists in our database and will receive and respond to your RFQ to transact business.

Bay Supply is here to make sourcing easier.  We felt it would be a distraction to have categories without digital part number catalogs visible on the platform and this would be quite frustrating to Buyers.  That is why we only activate Categories on the menu once a category has a digital parts catalog to offer.

While many Buyers may feel that a missing category on the main menu indicates that submitting an RFQ will be a fruitless effort,  we strongly suggest that Buyers submit RFQs for hidden Categories because hundreds of suppliers may have completed Stage 2 Registration to start responding to RFQs.