Do Re-Stocking Fees apply to all orders?

At this time, Re-Stocking Fees can only be applied on a Quote submission from a Seller to a Buyer.

Re-Stocking Fees only apply to Quotes because the Buyer and Seller acknowledge and accept the terms of the fee when the Quote is converted to an order.

Re-Stocking Fees are not applicable to orders placed in the Buy-Now Marketplace.

There are two conditions that Buyers & Sellers agree to regarding Re-Stocking Fees:

  1. If the Seller includes a Re-Stocking Fee on a Quote that converts to an order, the Seller is acknowledging that the goods purchased may be returned for a fee.
  2. If the Seller does not include a Re-Stocking Fee, it is understood by the Buyer & Seller that the goods purchased are considered Non-Cancelable and Non-Refundable.