Can a Company operate with more than one Account?

Yes. Some companies wish to have multiple Accounts with multiple Administrators.

Some companies wish to separate division purchases for accounting or they may operate multiple facilities with separate teams performing the same activities and use of the Bay Supply Platform.

There is no restriction to the number of Accounts a company can have on the Bay Supply Platform, however, it is most beneficial if you are a Seller on the platform to deem one Account for the purposes of managing the online digital catalog , pricing and accepting sales orders from Buyers.  This will prevent the need to duplicate the online catalog management.

If an Account wishes to sell from multiple Accounts, It is recommended that they split their categories, manufacturers and Brands for RFQ registration and Catalog & inventory management to segment their workflows and avoid duplication of efforts.

Credit Lines can be established quickly with each Account Administrator using the same Banking Account or different Banking Account for each Platform account.

If you wish to re-assign your Account Administrator and move registered Users to the platform under your Account, Please Contact:

Bay Supply at: 1-800-718-8818  or email: