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Are multiple Sellers of Items displayed during search?

Only Sellers and Manufacturers that have uploaded part numbers for their Authorized Distributors to sell will be visible during site search. However, Sellers without online catalogs are still part of our network for responding to RFQs.

A Distributor can register to respond to RFQs and not be visible during site search.  You can request a quote and receive responses through the complete seller network.  However, Distributors that have uploaded part numbers and product information for manufacturers and brands or Manufacturers that have uploaded their products on behalf of their Authorized Distributors will all be visible during site search.

If there is more than one seller for an item, you will see multiple offers from multiple sellers. The site is not just about price, but also MOQs and availability play a vital role.

There are Sellers that are strictly part of the RFQ process and do not have any products listed in the marketplace. Not all listings require price or availability, but those that display price and availability will obviously provide users with greater value and more transactions on the platform.