thumb-essential_guide_to_threaded_insertsWhen you use a threaded rivet nut in any type of material or surface, you’ll get more strength than you would with other tools and make assembly and disassembly easier without compromising the integrity of the material or the joint.

Threaded rivet nut inserts are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and materials, each developed for specific types of applications. When choosing the right threaded insert for the application, it’s a matter of matching the rivet nut to the materials.

This guide is a primer to help you learn:

  • Basic types of rivet nut inserts: thick-wall, thin-wall, slotted-body, Euro-style, and stud-style.
  • Different styles of threaded nut inserts, including round-body, hex-body, wellnut, and more.
  • Various applications for threaded inserts.
  • How to properly install a threaded nut insert.
  • Top brands you should consider when purchasing rivet nut inserts.

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