thumb-essential-guide-coil-thread-insertsCoil thread inserts are an ingenious solution to a common engineering problem—how to insert a threaded fastener into a stripped bolt hole or soft material.

Helically wound inserts are especially useful in applications that have to withstand stress, severe vibrations, and extreme temperatures. Even under extreme conditions, coil thread inserts minimize wear of the threaded hole and increase the integrity and useful lifespan of the connection.

That’s why coil thread inserts have become a popular fastener solution for critical applications such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, railways, factory machinery, and transportation systems.

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  • The different types of coil thread inserts.
  • Popular brands of helically wound inserts.
  • Applications for these inserts.
  • How to properly install a coil thread inserts.
  • Frequently asked questions about coil thread inserts.

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